Before & After

So my little man is multi-talented. He now brushes his own teeth! Boy, that makes life easier. Daddy taught him how to do it and now his teeth have gone from a little questionable to squeaky clean!


See? Pearly whites, baby...

Fortunately, Boogz is one little happy man... MOST of the time. Then again, he's also a quick learner and he's realized now how to throw fits. I guess we're already getting a sneak peak at the terrible twos. Very exciting. One night we were just chillin' and one of those mood swings swung.

No bueno. But it's a pretty good picture, right? If anyone has any helpful tips for tantrums (I just ignore him, I hope that's right) then please let me know!


The Blair's said...

I am all for letting kids cry! I know, I am a horrible person right? Maybe that is why I don't have kids yet! lol

Anonymous said...

I like the tank! Also, that last picture is the best.


Don't you love the fits! I do, I especially love them in the store, and at the check out line! All's I can tell you is, 1-2-3-time-out! I've gotten really good at those words lately!

Nichols Family said...

Jack is so cute! Yeah he can brush his own teeth now! And I can't wait for the tantrums...not really! But I'll be comin to you for advice bc I seriously have no idea... I'm just barely getting this age down...kinda:)

Adam and Nicole said...

Yep, I am all for putting my 2 year old in timeout, and ignoring the outbursts, at home, in the car, at the store.....anywhere! You are a great mom you are doing awesome!