Calling all Losers!

Anyone need motivation to keep eating well and exercising?  Or (let's be honest) maybe even motivation to start?  Come on over to my house next Monday, May 2nd to weigh in and pay $5, then we'll weigh in again June 13th.  Winner takes all!  (Or maybe winner takes two-thirds and second winner takes the remainder, if that sounds better...)  I desperately want to feel good in my bathing suit this year, so let's do this.

I just finished a biggest loser challenge with a girlfriend and bunch of her friends and it was the best motivation for me!  I lost quite a bit during the 6 weeks, but since the final weigh in I've been less than perfect in my eating.  I still workout as much as I possibly can because I love it, but my healthy eating has gone out the window a bit (I'll have fruits and vegetables in one hand, then Reese's and Peeps in the other hand - not awesome, I know).

RULES: no unhealthy weight loss allowed!  No crazy HCG or XYZ diets, dehydration, fasting, barfing, etc. here!  I know some people are down with that, but I'm not one of them, sorry.  We're only promoting healthy exercise and nutrition please and long term, for reazy weight loss!!  

If you wanna join the fun, email, text, facebook, or comment me and we can figure out a time to get 'er done!   If you live far, far away and can't make it that day, let's chat and figure something out.  I'm excited, let's lost some lbs...

edit: here's some more details that i had posted on fb:
  • I've had questions about our party, so here goes... We just weigh in the two times: at the beginning and end of the 6 weeks, unless you just wanna come visit me in between! Come weigh in anytime before 2 or 3 pm Monday. Weight will be kept confidential, but we'll announce percentage weight lost at the end, unless someone is super opposed to that.
  • Oh yeah, if you don't want to do the money part but you still think it'd be fun to at least weigh in, feel free to come over. Of course you can't win the moolah, but it's still good motivation. Finally, if anyone wants to get together to workout from time to time, just say the word and we can party!


Cathy said...

Sorry Carrie, I'm going to try and gain weight for the next 6 months... it seems like a lot more fun than losing it.

Carrie Carp said...

So does that mean you really do get to park in the special disabled/pregnant parking at Fry's now? If so, I totally recommend gaining 60 pounds. The more the merrier, that's how I roll. Here's a hint: lots of Carl's Jr. It's good for the baby.

Jami said...

K, I am ready to lose the weight. I need to lose it by the beginning for june. I can't work out just yet, but I can certainly eat healthy. I'll join.
AND I love you words on HCG...I think its ridiculous!

Candice said...

This sounds like a lot of fun! I'm kinda going more for tone than weight, though. Can we do a muscle contest, too?