Snuggling during one of
daddy's long shifts at work
I'm sitting here with one kid asleep and another playing with friends, windows open with the breeze blowing/birds chirping/neighbors mowing, and baby 3 punching me from within, thinking that it's about time I finally "journal" a little bit on our blog.  Because this is one of the moments when I can say I'm finally inside a happy moment that I have time to share about.  Most of my truly 100% happy moments are spent busy with others, but this one is just me :)  Well, I guess fetus and I are both here, but still.
They are so good together
Working on my patience
when playing games
with Jackster
We moved home last month after 8 months of chaos, and even though the house is different, the real sense of "home" is here.  Even better yet - the house is way fancier than before, haha.  I'm still working on decorating, furnishing, etc., but hey, we're here and we're looking forward to staying here for a while!
Love my husband on our
hot Valentines date at IHOP
with the kids :)
As close to a belly pic
as I typically get 
Pretty much the only
decorations up in the house
The best part about life lately is that it's been able to slow down - sort of.  In some ways, it seems like it only speeds up, but there have been a lot of moments where we just get to "be"... and that's been awesome.  I'm sure I could have found more of those moments over the past year, but I think our experiences help us become more capable of lots of things.  In my case, I've been able to simmer down a bit.  I have a tendency to be super strict, rigid, a "doer", constantly working, etc.  I don't think those things are necessarily a bad thing, but lately I've kind of had to relax a bit, which has helped me try to become a little more easy going, soft (literally - I've gained 40+ pounds), fun, and maybe even a better mom? :)
Tired, sick boy watching "Babba"
(that's Yo Gabba Gabba
in Rhet language)
Zoo date with friends - 
love touching Mantarays!
Rhet and his BF, Navy 
Anyway, so there's my little journal entry for now.  We'll see if later when Rhet is vomiting (3rd stomach bug this month), Jack is bouncing off the walls (no more naps), Jayson's still at work (crappy night schedule the past 5 weeks), and my Dr. Pepper is gone (my unhealthiest addiction) if I'm still quite so positive, haha.  But for now, all is well.
Jack n Grandpa
Boys "helping" gma and gpa mow
Worn out


Marquita said...

Ha Ha! Finally. I check your blog every day to see if there's an update! LOL