My little helper...

So here's our favorite helper. He can't get enough of the bathroom, as shown in this picture. He seems to think that the tub is for him to nose-dive into and that q-tips are to be eaten. I have proof, I took this picture. Oh and sorry that all our pictures seem out of focus, we have a problem locating our digital camera, so we rely heavily on our camera phones...

We want to give a special shout out to Camille on her birthday (sorry, didn't get to post yesterday, thanks to a certain four letter (plus two) word -- finals). She is now the ripe old age of 23, welcome to the club. I know, you feel as though your youth has been stripped away from you. Sorry, you're an old married lady now.
By the way, Jack very nearly took a step today! He did his usual "stand up in the middle of nowhere and rock back and forth" thing, no surprise there. But today he looked from Jayson to the VCR (which he loves to try to electrocute himself with) and seriously considered getting there on foot. One foot lifted up a quarter inch, moved forward about a half inch, then landed. I gasped, Jayson laughed, Jack startled, and then he fell. Like I said, it was very nearly a step!
In case any "Maine-iacs" (code word for my mom's family from Maine) get to see our little journal/blog at all this weekend, we want you all to know we love and miss you! You're in our thoughts and prayers... Jayson can't wait to come meet you all (he's heard so many fun stories) and it took all my energy not to spend our entire life savings to fly back with my parents today! Hopefully, after we both finally graduate this year, we can try to abandon our responsibilities long enough to come visit. Peace out, all.