Jayson got educated!

Good news moment:
Jayson is officially a graduate! He's so old and grown up! Now he gets to get me graduated, then we can all go somewhere and get him some even higher education. Does it ever end?
Jack is feeling a thousand times better and eats like a horse again! His tummy bug appears to have disappeared and not a moment too soon. His giant belly wasn't quite so round toward the end of the sickness... Please, no more of that nasty stuff!
Carrie just had the best mother's day/week ever! I have the sweetest husband who knows how to take care of his wife in all the right ways... I got to sleep in on Saturday, I got "The Host" on Sunday AND a clean kitchen! He cleaned up my mess from dinner in the kitchen!!!!! Life is fantastic. Now we're planning on going somewhere together without the baby for the first time ever... Oh my goodness. Of course, it's just Vegas and Jayson has to work the whole time, but we're still going somewhere, wow.

Extended family news:
Camille has found a new love, Ghepetto, the world's smallest kitten. Welcome to the fam, Ghepetto. I hope Tim's not worried about the cat taking his place in bed...
Cara just wasted the entire state in pole vault. I bet she beat all the boys, too. Congrats yo.
Vince (my bro) is a real live cop now, holy crap. Sure, he won all the awards in the police academy, but do the thugs of Scottsdale consider that when aiming weapons at his nogin?
Okay I think I'm finished.