Holy cow, we went to Mexico.

Here I am, telling everybody that we never do anything. Then, a few weeks later, we run off to Mexico. I guess I am a liar. We do do stuff. And it was wicked fun. Jack had a blast - up until the ride home, which wasn't so fun - and we even have tans for the first time in about 3 years!

Warning: this is the most amount of pictures I've ever taken and definitely the most amount of pictures I've ever posted. Good luck.

Here's Jack LOVING the wind and constant sand-rubbage on his bod:
Here's the awesome view we woke up to every morning:
Jack's wings were super curly in all the humidity:

My boys:
Enjoying the Mexican sunset:
Tim's transformation into a chubsky midget mermaid with some serious love handles and a too-small seashell bra. Rachel was the mastermind behind the muffin top: Cara, Jayson, and Zach took turns trying to see who could get Jack higher. I don't know who won: Soaking up some rays:
Nice profile of Jack's dunlop in his rash guard:
Jack's wind-blown hair was too good not to post this one:
My main squeeze:
Jayson and Jack keeping an eye on Camille and Tim being eaten alive by some ferocious waves:
The end. Whew.


mattnalisa said...

I am jealous! It looks like you guys had a blast and little jim, i mean jack is so cute!!

Adam & Nicole said...

Fun fun fun! I have never been to Mexico! I know I know, I have lived in Arizona my whole life and have never been?!?!?! It's blasphemy I have been told. I am glad you got some much needed, I am sure, vacation time! Gooooo Mexico!

ashwes said...

CARRIE! IM so excited that you went on a vacation! thats great!i love the pictures! so i miss you; did i mention im all alone? its fine, i mean i guess i have edward. but it'd be more fun if i had you and jack :) HOpe things are going good for your little fam :) So do you know where jayson is gonna go for school yet? Hey, you guys should move to Nebraska! there's an idea! love ya- keep me posted!

Connie said...

AND ANOTHER THING! Tony has a blog of his own... so you could always say HI for yourself! (i realize it's been a while since you said hi- but I've been meaning to mention his blog to you..jus forgot. opps. BTW your trip looked way funnn! (: