We don't do stuff.

It's true. We don't ever do anything. Glancing quickly at friends' blogs and friends of friends' blogs I really realize that we do nothing. Everyone in the universe goes on trips to the beach, fancy dates, camping trips, cabins, cold places, humid places, movies, concerts, resorts, yadda, yadda, yadda...

We never do any of that. Sorry. So, here's a picture of what we do do:

We hang out at home playing with the laundry baskets and electrical plug-ins while listening to Dbacks games. Things like that. It sounds lame, and quite frankly it kind of is, but sometimes we have some fun while we're at it. Maybe it's my guilty conscience getting to me because I am the most un-fun mom and wife ever, but is there anyone out there that doesn't do anything? Does anyone have a hard time justifying spending hard-to-come-by moolah on anything besides milk, bread, and the electric bill? Am I the only one who barely makes it through my daily responsibilities with my sanity before I hit the sack?

Okay, since I am the worlds worst fun-haver, I thought maybe we could all work together to up the fun. Camille and I are seriously considering a day trip (without kids unless you're super brave) to Fossil Springs sometime in August or September. I've been trying to do bleachers down at Westwood from time to time to get in shape (which totally isn't working), so I need a little while to get in better hiking shape, but doesn't a quick dip and hike sound fun? If I make a commitment with other people then maybe I'll actually participate in this "fun" thing everyone blogs about. Is anyone else up for a quick visit to Fossil Springs with some out-of-shape, un-fun-havers like me and Jayson?

Okay, I think I'm done being mopey now.


Emily Lauren said...

A day trip to fossil springs, how fun! Let me know the details and we're in :)
Honestly, I think it's just because I only blog when something fun happens. Or, I blog more about the special things than the day to day. I bet most people are like this too, so it seems like they're always doing cool things. I've never seen a post about a readers digest though, so they can't be having THAT much fun. Ha ha. But really, normally, we don't DO much either.
How did finals week go? Did you survive? Or is it not over yet?
p.s. I told Tiff to invite you- hopefully she'll let you in her circle of VIP's :)

mattnalisa said...

Oh Matt and I would love to do that!! haha it might be hard to leave our not quite 3 month old but maybe we can come up with a sweet plan!

Devin & Ruthann said...

Hey Carrie! I found your blog! I totally agree. I feel like we don't do anything either! We hang out at home and feel guilty if we spend money to do something. But, hey, I guess that's what new parents going to school do??

It would be so fun to see you! I'm due to have our second little boy next week, so maybe in a few weeks we could plan something?

Barnes Blog said...

You are hilarious, and just because I posted about a busy day and week does NOT mean that I am always that busy. I defiantely have NO desire for a "quick" hike and a dip, a dip maybe, but I'll settle for the community pool down the street.
Money is a huge issue, we do cheap or free things, parks, libraries, pools and museums. Anything to get out of the house and humidity. Honestly when it comes to getting my home responsibilities done and getting out of the house, I leave the dishes and the laundry, it'll always be there when we get back, but then C is tired enough afterward that I can actually get it done quickly.
And also, I only have friends here, so I spend as much time as I can with them. Alan is NEVER around so we have to occupy our time some how.
Just have fun, you are a good little Mommy, and your little guys knows it.