Wedded Bliss

Three years. That's a long time! We've got about 67 more to go, according to this crazy lady I talked to at Walmart on our anniversary weekend earlier this month... She thinks 70 is the number to aim for. Her parents did it, so we're going to too! (Oh and nevermind that our anniversary was like 3 weeks ago and I am just now acknowledging it. That's just the way it is.)

I was going to do a "before" and "after" picture, but decided that was no bueno. We paid way too many people to make us look good for these wedding pictures, so there's no real comparison now with the baby weight, barely combed hair, unpainted lashes, and love handles. The only pictures we take now are of Jack anyway.

So for the big day, we went and tried to see "Don't Mess With Zohan" in the dollar theater and let me tell you... DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! We lasted about 10 minutes before we decided that a PG-13 rating wasn't appropriate. So we ran over to see some delectable Will Smith in "Hancock" and loved it. Boy, is Charleze Theron tough and hard or what?

...And we haven't been out on the town since. Instead, we hang out with Jack in our smelly apartment. If it's not a diaper, the bathroom sink drain, or the garbage disposal, then I'm not sure where the smell is coming from.

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Adam Graham said...

Happy 3 years baby! Why are the crazy ladies always at Walmart? We have had many crazies on our many trips to Wally world! I hope your anniversary was great!

lindser-lou said...

carrie, you're going to think i'm an idiot, but seriously...what is your new last name?!?!?!
I have seen it as "carp" "carpenter" and then your blog title of "carpinteros" which i assume is a joke, because your husband (altho very handsome) does not look very hispanic.

...or maybe i am completly wrong and i just insulted the love of your life and father of your child. yikes :(

The Blair's said...

Love the picture!Between birth control, having babies, stress of school ect... I am so glad that we do have proof we once looked good! How I love the digital camera so I can see instantly if a picture is a keeper or not! Or maybe I am just that pathetic to screen my shots of me and Zach! Oh well.

Yes, I am a twilight nerd and I would love to vent about this last book to you but I believe that is another post in itself. All in all I am glad that my Eddy and Bella ended up together. We should get together and discuss!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3 years! (By the way, I love reading your blog because you always crack me up and put a smile on my face!!) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe that it has been three years! That is one of my favorite pictures of you two. I wish I looked that hott for my wedding!
Oh, and I think that Jayson could pass off as hispanic. Look at Tim, he does it all the time!

Marci Hernandez said...

I love your blog! I am finally trying to catch up and love hearing about you and your cute fam. Happy Anniversary.

lindser-lou said...

oh, it is so good to have that mystery solved! yay for boring married names!!!

and you know! "Be Green"...like, help the enviroment and all that...
i thought the candy heart thing was cuter than a bunch of hippies holding up a sign that says "save the ozone!"