So I've been feeling super adventurous lately. Two Fridays ago, I decided bread was too expensive. So I thought I'd try my hand at homemade bread.

By the way, my favorite Walmart brand wheat bread is now well over $2.00. Wow.
Side note: I don't know why everyone's in such a huff over all the gas prices and stuff. Everything is super expensive now and that just sucks. The whole, "hey let's add another tax to gas so it will be cheaper for us" is my favorite idea. I'm going to propose something now: Let's add a tax on bread so that bread makers and the government can work together and use that money to find cheaper ways to make bread! Awesome, why has no one thought of this before? Do you think it will work?

Anyway, back to my adventures. So last week, I made some buns. They looked pretty tasty, so I took a picture to show off because I am totally TAMN from seriously so blessed.

Then this past Friday, I saw some more tasty buns that I just had to take a picture of.

I hope I don't get flagged and shut down now because of nudity on my blog or anything, but the buns were worth sharing. That's him escaping putting on real clothes after an hour-long swim.

In other news: if you look closely, Jack no longer has curls nor does he have a mullet. That's right. On his 15th month birthday, we took the clippers and a #7 comb to his head. Even though I insisted that it was time, I still tear up thinking about it...


HillaryandPreston said...

Cute buns, for real and your bread looks like it turned out great... If you get tired of baking it yourself, on Country Club and Southern there is a bakery that sells their day old bread for $1 sometime you can get more than 1 loaf too! It's called Alpine Valley Bread Company super good and afordable too. Oh and arranged marriages are fine with me your boy is too cute!

mattnalisa said...

Wow good job on the bread! Funny, I was going to mention the Alpine Valley bread too. Its so good. Your homeade is probably better though. I cant believe you cut Jack's hair! We thought for sure you were waiting at least til the Office season premiere!!

Emily Lauren said...

I can't believe you baked your own bread! I was just telling McKane how, even if we had wheat for our food storage, I wouldn't have any idea what to do with it. Impressive.
And that was a little inappropriate to have nudity on your blog. I'll have to change your link on my blog to Carrie and Jayson (XXX). Ha ha. Jack is SO dang cute!

Emily Lauren said...

p.s. did you guys ever end up going on the hike/cliff jumping extravaganza?
We ended up going out of town that weekend. McKane was excited to not have to increase his heart rate. . ha ha

The Blair's said...

Hey there neighbor! I didn't realize that you belonged to the blogging community! I am a new member myself. So I got your little AVON catalogue, do they sell a good moisturizer?