Words of Wisdom

I don't know why I clicked on this link as I lay here unable to fall asleep at 2:51 am, but I do know that I needed to read it:

NOW & HERE: Why I'm Not Afraid of Coyotes

Maybe you'd like to read it, too? If not, at least know that no matter what, our Father in Heaven answers our prayers. I just need to remember that rather than asking to keep bad things from happening to me, all I need to ask is for the strength to work my way through my silly little struggles. Thank you, thank you, Sister Blair!


The Blair's said...

Wow that was a really inspirational talk! Makes some of the struggles I am coping with seem small! Thanks for the thought today!
p.s. what a doll little Jack is with those teeth! Also, thanks for the Halloween candies and note! You are so thoughtful!

MeL said...

Okay, so call me Creepy McCreepster, but after meeting you last week when I was helping Val while she was cleaning your teeth, I thought that you would probably have a blog, and you'd probably be linked to Hillary, and indeed you were! So anyways, I'm creepy and I found your blog, and your little boy is positively darling!