We're ba-ack!

I don't know what's up recently, but I've gotten a handful of people bugging me about not using my blog anymore. Honestly, I just went private because I had stopped blogging after I graduated and had a friend who's childrens pictures were misused by some Chester the Molestor. So I figured hey, I'd rather not delete the whole thing, but instead just privated it (is that a word?). Now I think I'll just go ahead and delete as much of the personal stuff as possible and try to update friends and fam who're interested in hearing about our simple, but fun-ish, life.

By the way, Boogz loves this movie:
Have you seen it? We were given this on VHS, which means Boogz knows how to put it into the VCR himself. Kill me now.


Adam and Nicole said...

Holy crap its been forever!!! How the heck have you been?!?!?! I didn't even know you had another boy! I am lame, I know. So I totally need your address so I can send you an invitation to my baby shower. (I got a girl coming!) We need to hang out sister!

Devin & Ruthann said...

Hey I just happened to click on the link to your blog b/c I was clearing up some links that don't work. I'm glad to see your back! And you have another little boy! How did his birth go? I know you wanted to do natural so I'm always curious because few people want to do that.

Are you going to Elisha's b-day party next Saturday? That seems to be the only place I see you!