Look Alike

Our little man isn't so little any more! He's even speaking some English! He's also getting very good at bossing us all around with his English. At first we were so excited he could say "Right there" or "Brush the teeth" or "Apple" that we would heed his every command, but now he thinks he's in charge and that's no bueno. Anyway, that's the fun of parenting, right?

So for the longest time I thought Boogz's "look" was totally unique and that he didn't really look like Husband or me. Then I was just taking a peak at some of his recent pics and noticed that something about them looked familiar. Before chopping off his hair again, we snapped a few pictures, and as I was peaking at them I realized he looks an awful lot like these fellows:
Yeah, those are my brothers when they were energetic, crazy, annoying, too smart, wild toddlers. And theres TWO of them! Could you imagine? My mom had two in a row. I think Heavenly Father knows that only saints like my mom can handle that... Terrible moms like me would never be blessed with two energetic boys in a row so close in age, right? Either way, I think those two brothers especially look like my little man:
Okay, so maybe these pictures aren't perfect matches... I'm now on the hunt for some even better examples, but the moral of the story is that Jack is much like my bro's: he's pretty darn cute, but super naughty!


Drew and Nikki said...

okay so my note has nothing to do with your post but i figured you'd actually see it.

can we be friends? haha! no but seriously, can we. you're just too cool for school.

drew and i agree, we dig the personality. we/i would love to kick it with ya'll. just let me know and whatev

The Blair's said...

So I am so happy that you posted! It's has been like what, a century? So sad you are leaving the Hunt Cir Gang but glad that you are getting something you can grow in.

kate said...

K, in that top picture Carrie I think he looks EXACTLY like you! It's kind of crazy actually.

Emily Evans said...

I didn't realize Jack's hair is so blonde. What a cutie!

Molly said...

We Changed our blogger address so it didn't have our last name in it. =)
The new one is orangeblossompolkadots.blogspot.com
Can you tell I picked it out not Steven? ha ha.
Love you!


Emily Evans said...

What a cutie! I'm sad I'm not there to watch him grow up. Hope y'all are doing well!

Nichols Family said...

Hey woman! Where did you go?! You're supposed to keep us updated on your cute family! JK:)

Connie (and Tony) said...

Def look alikes!
So Hi! Um.. I was wondering... are you alive? Let us know. Kthanks (;

Marci Hernandez said...

He really does look like you! What a cutie. Great to hear how you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one with access to your blog?...buahhaha!