best random lady in a picture ever

Oh my gosh, is this lady not hilarious? She was in front of us in line for the Dumbo ride...
So about a year and a half ago we went on vacation.  It hasn't happened since :)  Anyway, at Disneyland we took the picture above and have been cracking up about it since!

Anyway, I grabbed that picture because it's my goal.  I was running and lifting then and I wasn't super skinny or chubsky or incredibly buff or anything, but just right.  Just chill.  I want to go to there!  I started a "biggest loser" challenge with my cute friend and we have 5 more weeks to lose the most body weight percentage we can.  HELP!  I got nothing, I've been jogging and trying to eat awesome (admittedly had pizza last night and cookies today) and I haven't lost a pound this week.  Oh and I have at least 10 or 12 to go to my goal...  Any suggestions for how to lose some more LBS but not lose my baby's MILK?

In other news, Jayson starts a new job in a couple weeks - hope we don't regret stirring up craziness by changing jobs.  Technically he's still going to work in real estate, and I'll be getting my RE license to help out as well, but change can be a little scary :)  It's all good, we prayed about it and even if we're scared we feel pretty good about life.

Welp, I'm off to eat something delicious, and hopefully not too naughty.

Oh and by the way, running barefoot is super fun!  I've been jogging or walking at least a little most days this week without shoes and it makes me smile!


Fiery Jack said...

That lady is creeeeepy.

And I can't imagine running barefoot. I have zero desire to do so and can only think of how uncomfortable it would be on my soft, smooth, uncalloused soles.

But more power to you for it... just don't bring those dirty feet around here. :)

The Littles said...

Hey it was so good to see you when i was in town!! You look so great!! I am so glad i found your blog!! Your soo cute!!=)

Carrie Brown said...

Hi! I am randomly reading your blog and you are HILLARIOUS! You are a great writer. A few things...ONE-is your ward doing volleyball??? and TWO-I am in the same boat with losing weight and nursing. I am doing terrible, but I have found that eating more, but eating less calories helps me keep my milk and lose. So eating more fruits/vegt. so I'm eating more, but they don't have very many calories. And drink SO MUCH water. I'm super impressed you are running and I always exercise without shoes inside , but have never ran outside-way to go. and THIRD-we should hang out :)