We went somewhere!

...without Jack! It was crazy, Jayson had a huge conference to go to in Vegas and driving was way cheaper than flying. And I couldn't let him go alone, could I?

Even though Jayson was gone all day both days, I didn't let that stop me in my fun! I relaxed with "The Host" (you know, by Stephenie Meyer, and I can definitely say I liked it better than "Twilight") by the pool and got a nice burn on my shoulders and thighs... I guess it had been about 10 years since I had had a tan.

Instead of sleeping, we enjoyed the Strip both nights and fell in love with the Bellagio! Even the nasty smelling casino was the best of them all. The highlight of the whole trip was definitely the free fountain show. The water danced to "Proud to be an American", it was awesome.

Jack had a blast with all the grandmas, he didn't even whine until after we got home. I guess we should leave him more often!


mattnalisa said...

How fun!! I just discovered your blog and it is so cute!! That is terrific you took a trip just the two of you :) I am already planning one for myself! Is that bad?