Jack walks!

Jack's decided he doesn't have to hold on to something and can cruise all over the house/yard/store on his own. What a relief this is for momma... Jack is much less angry now that he's mobile. Oh and he turned one. That was awesome. Here's some pics of us lounging around last month (even though we were all a little under the weather); the bday pics are on their way. In other news, school sucks, and that's all I have to say about that. Jayson's working hard and not seeing a ton of results, but we've only just begun, right? Jack is taking a nap right now - wow - he's never done that before. Life is good.


Emily Evans said...

How fun to see pictures of Jack and to get an update of your lives. Keep blogging... I miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

I like your new layout. I need to work on my blog......its pathetic!

ashwes said...

HIIIIII !!!! LONG time no see!!! i miss you!!! im so glad you said hi!! i suck at blogging, i dont even know how to "add people" the right way... so dont get offended, as soon as i learn how, i'll add you asap!!!its so great to see little Jack, i guess he's not so little anymore, icant believe he's one!!! thats amazing!!! and how fun that he's walking... or is it crazy?!!! It looks like you guys are doing well! im so happy to see that! how's your new place? i know we always say this, but we really SHOULD get together!!! ya, and totally when the new book comes out we need to have an all nighter!! can wes come? he's totally into it... dont tell anybody but i make him read to me at night time before i go to bed!!! dont worry, "new moon" sits on my night stand right next to my scriptures!!! its that important!!! anyway, keep me posted with the bloggin!!!! i love you!!!