the best movie EVER

Holy cow we just finished watching this and I am so impressed! I say it's better than Nacho, but Jayson's not convinced. I haven't had so much fun in quite some time... I'm going to go ahead and give it two "straight thumbs" up. And if you don't know what those are, ask Jayson the next time you see him. He will explain.
Disclaimer: the lower your expectations before watching the movie, the better it will be.


Adam & Nicole said...

HELLO!!! I am so glad you found our blog! I have seriously been thinking about you lately. We totally need to hang out! I just miss you to death! Jack is so cute! I can't believe it has been so long since we hung out. Oh and by the way I totally saw the Breaking Dawn countdown, and am thankful that I can tell my husband that I am not the only Twilight crazy person! I love them all! Anywho, give me a ring a ding and we will totally get together!

Danielle Kristine Fallbeck said...

Carrie Ann!!! I am so excited to hear from you!!! My Mom just told me this morning about the e-mail you sent her! Ironically enough you sent it the day I went through the Temple!I miss you so much and have been thinking about you too! I would LOVE to get together and am so excited you found me!!! Your family is so cute! I bet you are a great Mom and wife!!! Let me know what your schedule is like so we can hang out! My cell is: 480-818-2399. I leave on Saturday for a Disney Cruise for 4 days with my Mom, Grandma and younger sister Melissa!! I am seriously so ecstatic that you found me!!! Hope to hear from you soon! Love ya!

Barnes Blog said...

Hey!!! I am so glad that you commented on my blog. I wanna see these prego pics.
Hopefully this second pregnancy won't be as bad. I have not gained weight yet, but feel like it. I have a belly already and I'm only like 13 weeks.
Anyway, I wanna see more pics of you on your blog. Thanks for commenting buddy!

mattnalisa said...

um thanks for the recommendation. we totally rented and loved it!