Birfday Cake

Here's how Jack celebrates birthdays. He even let us put the crown on him, it was awesome! Grandma got him his own little cake and he had no problem eating the entire thing himself... If you look closely you'll see his In-n-Out tattoo on his right arm. Check out his guns!
Ya, we're a little late posting this, his birthday was over a month ago... We do the best we can.


ashwes said...

I love this pic of Jack!! what a big boy on his big birfday :) he just keeps gettin cuter and cuter- by the way, how do you feel about arranged marriages?... would you consider my daughter when their of the appropriate age?!!! have a happy fourth of July!

Adam & Nicole said...

awwww he is so darn cute! Birfdays are the best, even though they really have no idea what is going on. I love it! I love that you put birfday because I am telling you that is exactly how Adam says it and it makes me laugh everytime!

lindser-lou said...

Carrie!!! i am SOOO glad you found me and said hello!!! first of all, you make one super cute kid! How are you doing otherwise?! - well, maybe i should just finish reading the rest of your blog and then i'd know...k, i'm adding you to my list of people so i can stalk YOU now! YAY to more blogging friends!!! (hahahaha and wow - i havent thought of that ASL classroom in a long time! good times yo!)