I was thinking...

...about this quote:
'Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out and proclaiming; Wow what a ride!!'
This one sure makes me want to get out of my silly everyday routine and take on the world! Who's with me?
Am I the only one salivating at the thought of August 2nd coming around? Anyone else up for an all-nighter that night?
(I have to admit I'm not as excited about December because I just haven't been able to fall in love with Edward Pattinson. Boring. Call me when a real live vampire with a perfect predatorial (is that a word?) smile, some serious Greek god-ish sex appeal, and a truly delicious voice of velvet comes along.)

Even thought the Dbacks are stinking it up lately, we still love 'em. The whole below .500 record is just not acceptable, but we still turn on the radio every gametime. The picture above is proof that we went on a real live date (good thing my own personal Edward is way dreamier than that silly actor)! This very flattering picture is of us at batting practice even. We went EARLY to the game and made a whole big EVENT out of it.
Whack, smack, I love my Diamondbacks.

Check this out:
Proof that Jayson's a graduate! I'm so proud of my Summa-Couma-frikin-Laude grad (that's how I say it since no one really knows the right pronunciation).

To all my old friends:
I used to be anti-blog. And anti-Facebook and anti-MySpace and anti-EverythingElseOnline. Don't get me wrong, I still think a lot of what happens on these things is lame and quite inappropriate, but I am SO SO happy that I've been able to take a peak into the life of my old friends through this silly blogging stuff. I think I've gotten a little more lonely since I stopped working full time, so hopefully my new blogging friends and I can plan a serious get together to reminisce and think about what in the world we'll all do in the future... Hmm, I think that would definitely require a date with the BBQ and some serious sweets?


ashwes said...

Am i included in this get together involving friends and comida ?! count me in, and i am definately in on the all nighter for breaking dawn... however, i havent had alot of time to read, i stll need to read eclipse... but i have a strong feeling i WILL finish it by aug.2nd!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I was thinking that a girls night would also be awesome. It has been so long! Oh, and Tim would love to come to your party. He is in love with Bella. He likes to point people that we see in the ward, store, restaurants, or anywhere, that "look" like her. Should I be concerned?!

Adam & Nicole said...

Hey woman! I am definitely salivating for August 2nd! I have my copy reserved at Barnes & Noble ready for my pick up at midnight Baby! I can't wait! I am all for a get together, it has definitely been way too long since I have seen you guys! I am always up for anything involving food. :)

lindser-lou said...

edward pattinson - meh. but have you seen the guy who plays James????
oh. my. goodness.
it's good stuff...

are you going to the "night with bite" party at borders??? cuz if you are, you most definitely need to come find me and chelsie! (she's been home from her mission just a few weeks and i already have her in love with twilight). it's pretty much awesome.

Tony and Connie said...

Hey new friend! Well first off, I'm sure your old friend Tony is not mad at you still. He's really forgiving. So you're safely off his hit list! jk...(not that he has one...) heh heh! No really though- he's never mentioned loathing you... or being mad at you for that matter. And I do recognize you from some of his dance pictures. Neat! Anyway, I thought it was cool/funny/and very coincidental that you and I had practically identical- well, a similar post. Including commentary on the twilight series AND the Dbacks. Both great things. Feel free to take a gander at my blog anytime!