Happy New Quarter!

It's resolution time! I don't keep year-long resolutions, so I've decided to break 2009 into quarters so I can actually keep my resolutions. Here we go:

  1. Eat 2 cups each of fruits and veggies at least 5 days a week. (And yeah, I realize that that's not even as much as is recommended in the food pyramid, but I'm taking baby steps here. I'm not the world's most nutritious person. I'd rather have Filibertos.)

  2. Jog 3 times/week. (Remember, this is just the first quarter so maybe next quarter I'll step it up a notch! Or I'll get sick of running and move on to something else.)

  3. No milk chocolate candy. (Note: I can still eat dark chocolate and yummy desserts made of cocoa powder. Here's my rationale: If there's a Snickers or a Mr. Goodbar or whatever sitting in front of me, I'll eat it. I don't love milk chocolate candy bars, but if they are there, I will eat it. But, during the next quarter, I'll be milk chocolate candy bar free!)

And those are the quarter resolutions I'm sharing with the world. Let's all meet back in April and see if we could actually keep a resolution for once!


Nichols Family said...

Good for you! And good idea for breaking it up into quarters bc sometimes it can get overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! I like the quarter idea too! I might have to use that.

Josh and Elisha Sandberg said...

Hey I can help with the running part if your intersested? I'm running sat mornings at 830 at Freestone park.