Joy Turner vs. my Sis-in-Law

I'm a bad blogger. Sorry. Now that I'm out of school and feeling free, I tend to stay as far away from anything that reminds me of school, such as this computer. However, Jayson and I found this picture and we laughed out loud:
If anyone here watches "My Name is Earl" and/or knows Jayson's next youngest sister, I DARE you to try to guess who this picture is of. Is it Joy Turner from "My Name is Earl" or is it Jayson's sister? It's especially confusing with such a tiny picture, which makes this game even MORE fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Umm...excuse me! I like how you said "Jayson's next youngest sister" like I wouldn't realize that you were talking about me! You guys are crazy! Jack is a match to your brothers, but "jayson's next youngest sister" is no match for Joy Turner!

Fiery Jack said...

I disagree "Martinez Family." Those glasses... and the cheeks.. that smile.. the resemblance is uncanny...

At least i think so.