Investing in our Family

I switched to cloth diapers when Jack was potty training (by the way, I hate potty training). Switching to cloth was just one of my many attempts at saving a little moolah. Luckily, I really honestly enjoy using cloth, the only real bummer is 2 or 3 more loads of laundry a week, but with the amount of laundry that a small family goes through, what's another 2 or 3 more? Most people I know either think I'm crazy or get super defensive when I mention we use cloth diapers, which I think is weird. Alls I'm saying is this -- it works for me. I'M NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD CLOTH DIAPER YOUR CHILDREN... I'M NOT TRYING TO CONVINCE OR OFFEND ANYONE!!! I'M JUST SAYING MODERN CLOTH DIAPERS, IN MY OPINION, ARE PRETTY SWEET... (Now that my disclaimer is out of the way) I'm pretty open-minded about some stuff, and my husband is surprisingly supportive of my craziness, so why not go for it and save a few thousand dollars this year? It's even better that I pretty much enjoy the whole thing way more than I ever did with disposable diapers!

I just have to add, who wouldn't want to see the booty of their adorable little guy or girl in such adorable colors? I can't wait until summer when he'll be scooting around in just a diaper, who knew poo holders could be so much fun?

Here's one piece of advice that wasn't really mentioned by my friends or anywhere online when I was researching... If you're making/buying cloth wipes, just make/buy as many wipes as you have diapers! I struggled with how many to make, and now I realize DUH - one wipe per diaper change - how could I not have thought about that sooner!

Did I mention that we bought this a couple years ago:I love our home. Most days. Other days I hate it, but I think the major repairs are FINALLY complete and now we just get to maintain and make beautiful. Next project: paint the outside. We're thinking of the color "City of Mesa Gray" as one friend named it... In other words, the free paint City of Mesa provides, hopefully it'll be a pretty gray the day we pick it up!!

...and now I'm off to launder some diapers.


Tiffany Haynes said...

Hey! So glad you're back to the blogging world.
I'm seriously considering cloth diapers. Why not? Although, Nolan had quite the blow out the other day (at a restaurant, no less) and when I was trying to get it all out of his pants I almost threw up twenty times. I got so close to just throwing the pants away (I would have but they were his one nice pair)...sooo....I'm not quite sure how I'll do with the whole cloth diaper thing but it's worth a shot I think. And besides, baby poo is so much better then toddler poo, don't ya think?

Jami said...

carrie, I am so glad that you aren't pushy about it! Seriously my sister in law does clothe diapering, and is SO pushy about me NOT doing it. Seriously, it drives me NUTS! I think it is great, but I hate it when she gets all uptight about others not doing it.

Arizona Girl said...

We love cloth we've been using them since Al was born, 20 months now. They are wonderful. I didn't switch to cloth wipes though I like having something to throw away and I use them for so many things, my favorites are Flip diapers.

Devin & Ruthann said...

Hey so I didn't know you use cloth diapers! I have thought about it but haven't been brave enough to do it. What made you make the switch? Was the main reason to save money?