Singing Loud for All to Hear

So I was working on making jams, fudge, cookies, caramel pretzels, rice crispies, salsa, etc. the other day when my poor, abandoned children requested that I pay attention to them. So I changed the baby's diaper at the chaise end of the couch, talked to each of them for a minute, and turned to toss the used diaper into a wet bag. Then I turned around and noticed the boys enjoying "Elf" together at the end of the couch...

Two peas in a pod!

And yes, those are my cloth diapers drying on a drying rack to the left of them - it was raining outside, I promise I don't usually have them out for display :)


Alisa said...

what cute boys! brycen and maryn have been interacting more this past week and its so cute and fun!!