Here's an arithmetic lesson for the day, that you may not have learned in school, but is WAY more applicable to my real life than any calculus or trigonometry that I learned during both high school and college.

(only a fraction of the things I made this Christmas season)
(the offspring)
(by the way, that was the first toe paint job in at least 6 months for me)

I am so grateful that my Father in Heaven has entrusted me with the ability to procreate and that I've been sent two of his angels to look after.  Not only that, but I've been blessed with the ability to provide more than a sufficient supply of nourishing milk to those babies.  That is what is most important, I know. 

HOWEVER, my very selfish, worldly perspective is clear... I do NOT enjoy gaining 60 pounds every time I work on growing the body of one of those special spirits inside my belly.  Both times I hit 190.  Yeah, not cool.  Even though I jogged through 6 months of the last pregnancy, I still gained a buttload of weight.  And both times I had a really hard time losing while breastfeeding.  I still have 25 to go after 4 1/2 months, and the whole overindulging tradition that is so custom in our society during the holidays doesn't help (I have little self control when mom's apple pie is within my grasp).

So I'm hoping that if I post my weight for the world to see (luckily no one reads my blog - especially after a 2 year hiatus), my attempt at training for a half marathon at the end of 2011 will prove to be a little more successful.  I can't wuss out now, right?  I've made it known.  So far, I'm struggling through about 2.25 miles per outing  - admittedly still having to walk at times - but it's a start.  I'm not calling this my resolution, though, since that doesn't seem to work for many of us.  But I do have goals of hiking Havusupai without a stitch next summer as well as completing 13.1 miles next November-ish.  Reach for the stars, right?



Emily Sue said...

I read your blog!! I'm so impressed, you are brave, but then again you don't way that much!! I have the same problem with not being able to lose weight while I nurse. I finally stopped nursing the twins but then the holidays came, so I guess I need to get in gear!! I love that you are blogging again!

Alisa said...

good for you Carrie!! Hopefully by Havasupai we can wear our bikini's!

Adam and Nicole said...

I read your blog too! I just never update mine!! :) Go you! I did a half marathon last January before I got preggers with kylee. I am planning on doing a 10k at the end of the month....scary! You should do it with me!