Just Call Me Katniss

Warrior Dash?  Sounds awesome: I want to go to there.  Maybe if I finish the race I can be as tough as one of these ladies:

(By the way, Gina Carano is my hero.)

Is it weird that I want to run through a river and jump over fire and crawl under barbed wire in mud?
Well, anyway, Camille and I are SO THERE!  How fun is that?  Gives us something hilarious to look forward to...


Adam and Nicole said...

Cripes are you doing it this April? I will totally do it with you, it sounds like crazy fun!

Ann Hatch said...

CARRIE! You are kidding me, righT!?? I want to do this but couldn't find anyone to do it with me. Did you guys already sign up????

Cathy said...

Guess who else is being blog stalked now? Yep. Its you.

You might get real bored with my blog real quick. I never post anything