And it came to PASS

Guess who's been sick for like 2 weeks straight:
Yup, these guys.  It's the cool thing to do, pretty much everyone we know is doing it.

But I think we're all finally on the mend (or close to it at least?) and my super kids will be back to sporting their super capes in no time.  Rhet was Superman and Jack was Jackman in the above picture, which was taken before the wave of bleh came over our house.  Jayson and I still haven't really gotten sick (knock on wood), though we are suffering the effects of cranky kids mixed with sleepless nights.  The first week I must say that I was pretty darn patient through it all.  HOWEVER, my status as a bad mother is back with a vengeance this week.  No more patience here.

But it's all good, at least I can count my blessings that it is pretty rare that any of us do get sick.  I feel so much for those with children that have health problems.  I can pretty much figure that my kids' little sickness will end and they'll be back to running, jumping, and scooting with smiles on their faces - not all moms can know that'll happen in this life.

...And on a happier and irrelevant note, I have lost like 11 pounds this year.  Alleluiah.  Something like 11 more to go!


Beth said...

I found your blog! And now I am going to read all of it. :) I hope you guys are feeling better! we finally got rid of the sickies at our house. it was a bad month for them, jan. was! you guys should all come over next week!

Elder Y Hermana Button said...

Your boys are so, so cute!! We love you all!